Tooth extraction

When the tooth can no longer be saved and the damage to the tooth or periodontal tissues is irreparable, we decide to extract (pull out) the tooth.

We make the procedure painless for the patient with the help of local anaesthesia.

In more complex cases, the patient is referred to a specialist.

Periodontal treatment

Bleeding gums, deepened periodontal pockets, receding gums, pain, and loose teeth are typical signs that patients perceive when the gums or periodontium are affected.

The impairment may be initial or already advanced. The problems are different from patient to patient: there may be bleeding gums, bad breath, pus leaking from the gums, loose teeth and pain, but sometimes the patient does not even notice that something is wrong.

The changes need to be noticed as soon as possible in order to start with the treatment on time, otherwise the signs and symptoms will escalate, which can lead to tooth loss in the final stage.

With timely treatment and good oral hygiene, we can reduce or stop the progression of the disease.